Website & Social Media Advisor

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Exclusive 75% off savings with mfe Design (cutting edge technology) – A powerful Artificial Intelligence which gets to the heart of your digital actions and interactions, turning them into what you need the most: actionable advice for better marketing decisions – Use Crystal AI. “Machine Learning makes crystal smarter by the hour, while a Natural Language Processing system allows it to literally talk to you, so you can stop searching for answers and just ask for them.” You dont have to go looking for the answer, just ask Crystal.

STEP 1 – It gives you the right insights

crystal’s Artificial Intelligence processes all data coming from your connected websites, e-shops and social media accounts in real time. It takes 0,00001 seconds for most data to be turned into insights, while some information will take longer to analyze in order to fuel deeper insights and automate campaigns for best performance.

STEP 2 – It learns about your data

Once crystal has learnt about your digital presence, it’s ready to discuss it with you. Ask it questions about the channels you connected and how to improve your digital presence. crystal will answer with easy to grasp statistics, demographics, content tips and more, so you can put this advice into your marketing.

STEP 3 – It goes from talk to action

Are you taking every chance to promote your business? crystal is inspired by your own e-shop customer data and no one else’s, that’s why it knows the right times to start a campaign on your social media, auto-setting Facebook and Instagram campaigns for you. crystal will pick products, placement, target and ad content – all you need to do is approve a budget and say Yes.

Asking Questions about Your Data

Rather than navigating throughout the various areas of your social channels or the crystal platform, simply ask the advisor for the data you want to know:

  • Which are my top website pages?
  • What’s my top Twitter hashtag?
  • What’s my audience growth on LinkedIn?
  • What’s my engagement score on Instagram?
  • What’s my top performing video on YouTube?
  • Where is my traffic coming from?
  • How many visits did I get from mobile?
  • What engagement is there on my pages?
  • How many people have seen my content on Facebook?
  • Who’s talking about my brand?

Asking Questions about Your Campaigns

The advisor may provide additional useful insights related to the question you asked after answering the original question. Then, ask how to best manage your channels’ performance:

  • What’s my best time to post on Facebook?
  • What’s my top content color to post on Twitter?
  • What type of content should I publish on LinkedIn?
  • Which filters should I use on Instagram?
  • How can I get more likes?
  • What should my target be?
  • Which hashtags should I use on Twitter?
  • Should I hide negative comments?

Using the Advisor for WooCommerce

If you’ve connected your WooCommerce account to your crystal premium account, you can speak with the advisor to run Facebook or Instagram campaigns, run flash sales, or learn more about various data related to your products.

If you’ve got a product that’s doing great, the advisor may recommend running a campaign to promote it to people of similar interests to your customers. To go with it, press the I’m Interested button, then decide whether you want to run the campaign on Facebook, Instagram or both.

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